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Jmite Solutions is a one man software company with focus on providing professional android development services, but also capable on building backend services for the mobile applications.

During it’s 6 years of existence Jmite Solutions has consulted customers on multiple regions and participated in big enterprise level consulting projects with existing development teams as well as created applications alone from scratch.

Whether you are looking for additional help in your current software projects or looking to outsource your software development, Jmite Solutions can help you.
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Development of the application, including writing of the technical specifications and software testing.


Preparing application to be published in Google's Play store and configuring Play store settings.


Updating application and the libraries to support newest platform versions and features.



Voizy is a audio meme application that allows users to create their own audio memes and share those to existing chat applications or discover and search audio memes done by others in the community.

Jmite Solutions has create Voizy's Android application as well as the backend services.

Android app on Google Play


Yomp is a new music streaming application for Android platform. The key idea of Yomp is to provide music that matches user's jogging tempo. In Yomp application user can set their preferences for artists, genres and also for the music tempo. User can set the tempo manually or detect the tempo automatically with Yomp's built in tempo detection algorithm.

Jmite Solutions has created Yomp Android application together with Iwa Labs. Jmite Solutions was in responsible of creating the Android application, excluding the tempo detection algorithm and backend development.

Android app on Google Play


IWA is an IT-consulting company that creates web and mobile applications based on it’s customers’ requirements.

Jmite Solutions has been subcontracting for IWA on multiple Android development related projects, including bigger entreprise level projects as well as crafting applications for startups.

Iwa Labs software development


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